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TERRATIMBER Marcin Makocki
ul. Adama Mickiewicza 26
74-320 Barlinek, POLAND
NIP : 663-162-25-24
REGON 320705320

Phone: +48 605 999 764
Skype: barlinexo

Marcin Macocki is a forestry professional graduated from Technical High School of Forestry in Zagnansk, Poland (1988-93), Faculty of Forestry, Agricultural University in Cracow, Poland (1993-98), Colegio de Postgraduados en Ciencias Agricolas, Mexico (1998-2000).

His main fields of interest: Dendrology, Ecology and Management of Temperate Forests and Ecology and Management of Tropical Forests. He spent a while working as an Associate Professor-Researcher at The Hidalgo State University in Mexico (2000-2001) and after coming back to Poland he dedicated himself to the international timber trade focusing on the exotic wood species. In April 2003 he was included in the EuropeAid Programme list of experts for technical assistance to third countries in the context of the European Community's external cooperation, as an individual expert for the following areas:

  • Engineering/Technology

  • Rural Development/Food Security

  • Education and Training/Culture and Information.

In 2009 he founded the company TERRATIMBER which operates as importer, wood products wholesaler and also as agent/broker providing worldwide marketing support for the forest products industry and other services (talks, seminars, consulting) for forestry related community.