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The Major events of ATIBT

ATIBT International Forum

Since 1982 every two years, ATIBT has organized its Forum, which brings together the members of the association and, more broadly, the stakeholders in the tropical timber industry, in countries linked to the industry or the tropical timber market . This event, which punctuates the life of ATIBT, is a moment of privileged exchanges for all the members on the format of two days of debates and interventions gathering the specialists of the tropical timber industry. Each new edition proposes a different theme, in relation to the evolutions and issues of the sector and hosts between 150 and 200 participants.

The first ATIBT Forum took place in Rome and then in the following years in cities all around the world: Manaus, Marrakech, Washington, Hong Kong, Lisbon, Valencia, Libreville, Istanbul, Rome, Brussels, Athens, Shanghai, Belém, Chi Minh City, Brazzaville, Amsterdam, Milan …

In 2017, on Sunday 5th and Monday 6th March, we decided to organise it in the heart of the Middle East, in Dubai, a place of business and a strategic logistics hub, by joining our forces with the Dubai WoodShow, a major international trade fair. The theme was “Tropical forest: timber, and so much more“, which is consistent with the slogan of our brand Fair & Precious.

See the reports of the 3 last editions

The destination of the next Forum, in 2019, is still to be determined.


Racewood is the exclusive meeting for all the stakeholders in the tropical timber industry in Africa and brings together about 100 European and African companies looking for economic, technological and environmental partnerships :

to discover the strengths of the timber industry in Africa in the context of the new international market rules

to benefit from the offer of certified products from African producers involved in certification and sustainable forest management

to participate in the dynamics of the forest sector and processing industries at the regional level

to anticipate the development of local markets and wood construction in Africa.

These meetings took place in 2004 in Libreville (Gabon), in 2006 in Accra (Ghana), in 2010 in Douala (Cameroon) and in 2011 in Pointe Noire (Congo).

See the press review on these events (in French)

The next edition will be held in June 2018, in Libreville, in Gabon.

This event will be held on the 21st and 22nd of June 2018, together with the Gabon WoodShow (20-22 June), the first West and Central Africa exhibition dedicated to the wood sector. This edition will enable meetings regarding the market, machine tool manufacturers, training courses, developed below.

Here are the planned topics:

  • Wood markets- legal and certified wood sources
  • Wood flow and logistics
  • Agroforestry
  • Industrial development- Strategies for a sustainable development and product recovery
  • Products manufactured with innovative techniques
  • Professional training

Detailed program


In order to be as close as possible to the realities of the field and the stakes of the sector, the ATIBT is surrounded by thematic working groups, on a voluntary basis.

The groups are defined as follows :

The Scientific Council, which brings together leading scientists from the sector, both members and non-members of ATIBT.

See the role of the council, its functioning and its members

The objectives of the Scientific Council are :

advising, guiding and supporting the decision-making of ATIBT General Management and Board of Directors.

contribute to scientific rigor in the scientific approaches and projects of ATIBT

disseminate research findings to ATIBT members.

The Commissions, which bring together the members of the association, sometimes with external speakers, who wish to contribute to the reflection on the main themes of the sector.

Click on each commission to discover its objectives, its functioning and its members.

These Commissions are :

Marketing Commission : Coordinator Christine Le Paire

Timber material & Normalization Commission : Coordinator Patrick Martin

Training Commission : Coordinator Patrick Martin

Forest Industry Committee : Coordinator Jacqueline Lardit-van de Pol

Certification Commission : Coordinator Caroline Duhesme