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BFConsult srl
BE07242 577 659
Place des Nations Unies 12,
4020 Liège

Forestry and environmental consultancy for sustainable management of natural resources.
BFConsult is a company specializing in forestry and environmental consultancy, which is committed to promoting the sustainable management of natural resources. Working for more than 15 years in the management of forests and natural resources in close collaboration with a large network of experts, BFConsult supports private and institutional actors in implementing environmental and social policies and strategies.

BFConsult's services include technical and strategic studies, as well as interventions to improve the management of natural resources and the sustainability of territories. BFConsult manages several dozen hectares of forest in Belgium and actively participates in the sustainable management of more than three million hectares in Africa.

BFConsult offers personalized solutions to meet the needs of its customers, by developing digital tools adapted to each sector, based on a digitization of the business experience. These tools can take the form of software solutions, mobile applications for professionals or spatial analysis modules for territories.

BFConsult emphasizes the participation and consultation of all stakeholders in the implementation of projects, particularly in the context of community development, to ensure that their needs are taken into account and to improve the social acceptability of projects.