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Tél: +34 618 54 79 67

Eticwood is a consultancy specializing in the field of sustainability in tropical forestry and agroforestry. It collaborates with public administrations and companies in the forestry and cocoa sectors on the following themes:

  • Conception and coordination of projects related to forest management and wood processing ;
  • Conception, evaluation and operation of traceability and legality verification systems for wood within the framework of the EUTR and the legality (OLB, Legal Source) and sustainability (FSC, PEFC) certification systems;
  • Market studies for the development of new wood products. Identification of new sources of supply of traceable and legal wood;
  • Support to forestry companies for the elaboration and implementation of management plans and certification programmes;
  • Conception and implementation of agroforestry projects in partnership with forestry and chocolate companies.


The Eticwood team is made up of permanent and associate forestry engineers and agronomists as well as IT developers for the implementation of customised traceability solutions. Eticwood has provided services in Europe, Africa, South America and South-East Asia.

Eticwood's approach is pragmatic and committed. In addition to designing and carrying out studies, the company actively participates in the implementation of solutions proposed to its customers.