An anti-noise wall made of FSC® tali to recycle sawmill waste

The SNCF Réseau, as part of its Global Performance Program, has just finalized, in collaboration with Eticwood and Durwood, the installation of Tali FSC® cladding on an anti-noise wall of more than 200 m long (about 1200 m² of surface) near a railroad in Saint Denis.

This cladding was built from FSC-certified wood sourced by Eticwood and Durwood from the forestry company Pallisco-CIFM. The diversity of the dimensions of the elements (multiple lengths of 50 cm, three widths of 66, 100 or 168 mm, and thickness of 27 mm), resulting from the direct valorization of related decking manufacturing in Tali, allowed to give a completely original aesthetic to this work.

Indeed, following a study conducted by Eticwood and Durwood, in partnership with SNCF Réseau and Pallisco-CIFM, and financed by the PPECF (Programme de Promotion de l'Exploitation Certifiée des Forêts), the existence of an important development potential for FSC-certified products derived from sawmill by-products has been highlighted.

This large-scale work, made from the by-products of sustainable, ethical forestry and taking into account the environmental values of the forest, is a perfect example of the huge potential of upcycling in the construction sector!

Some pictures of the project below: