The ATIBT interacts with wide-ranging stakeholders

ATIBT ensures improved knowledge of wood as a raw material in terms of its use, industrialisation, consumption and promotion. It supports national and international forest certification systems in order to enhance their transparency and credibility.



The Association consists of approximately 130 members from around 20 countries that produce and consume tropical timber.

It therefore represents the interests of several thousand individuals who are involved in the management, processing and trade of tropical timber. ATIBT intervenes in several areas: forest management, the timber industry, standards and uses. Created in 2017, the Scientific Council and Technical Commissions performs a dual role of advisor and ethical benchmark.

Thanks to its technical experts, ATIBT is able to develop and promote various standards and tools for the industry:

  • The Tropical Timber Atlas
  • General classification of tropical timber, which establishes international pilot names
  • Internationally recognised rules of classification and measurement for tropical sawn-timber, round timber and timber trunks
  • The user guide for Eco-certified african timber in Europe
  • A practical guide aimed at public buyers: Developing and implementing a responsible timber purchasing policy

ATIBT actively participates in international dialogue and intervenes in both national and international forest policy decision-making, acting as a facilitator through practical collaboration with national ministries and international organisations such as the FAO, the European Union, the AFD, COMIFAC, the FFEM, the KFW, the ITTO, the IUCN, the STTC, the WWF, the WCS, the FSC, the PPEFC and the PEFC/ PAFC.

This cooperation is vital in order to find realistic collective solutions to the problems and challenges that tropical timber and forests face.

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