Rue Vent des Noirs Moineaux, 4

ECOCOA, is a Belgian chocolate company, owned by ETICWOOD (Member of ATIBT) and Durwood, two companies concerned about their environmental and social impact, active respectively upstream and downstream of the wood chain.

ECOCOA is dedicated to the promotion and development of sustainable and traceable cocoa origins for the production of exceptional chocolate.

In a logic of transparency, ethics and quality, ECOCOA has set up a Bean to Bar production with the FSC certified company Pallisco to create its chocolate directly from the cocoa bean to the bar using a traditional transformation method.  The choice of the Bean to Bar also offers the possibility of setting up a short circuit. In addition to giving us a total vision of the path of the beans, the short circuit allows us to limit the intermediaries and to offer a fair remuneration to the producers.

This membership is made on the basis of a partnership agreement with the Fair&Precious brand, in which ECOCOA will regularly testify through its publications to this field commitment on the part of Fair&Precious operators.