22, Bd du 30 Juin
Commune de la Gombe
Kinshasa - DRC

Industrie Forestière du Congo (IFCO) is an industrial logging company created on December 19, 2017 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. To achieve its objectives, it employs nearly 800 workers.

It has two forest concessions with a total exploitable area of 295,235 hectares which constitute its main source of supply: forest concession n°009/11 - Baulu in the Tshuapa Province and forest concession n°018/11 in the Tshopo Province.

In terms of logistics for the transport of wood, it has a large river fleet that evacuates its raw products (logs) to the City - Province of Kinshasa where the Kinkole site is located, which allows the company to carry out all stages of processing to finished products. This is how units of first transformation, dryers, a parquet factory and a modern carpentry are installed in this site.

Since 10/04/2020, the timber produced in the Province of Tshopo and transformed in Kinkole is certified LegalSource by NEPCon, which certificate of legality was renewed on 26/05/2021.