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Julie Bertille LANDRY
Phone: +33 6 46 23 72 89

With her Gabonese origin, Julie Bertille Landry is convinced that the tropical forest of Gabon contains treasures beneficial for the beauty and health of the skin. The secrets of Padouk wood, on medicinal and cosmetic uses, were passed down to her by her family, an ancestral oral tradition passed down from generation to generation.

Each ethnic group has its recipes with Padouk wood. Its various organs (bark, wood) possess medicinal and tinctorial virtues that make their use common in many traditional and medicinal uses. Padouk wood, remarkable for its red wood coloring, is known to be effective in skin diseases. To isolate bioactive substances and study their activity on the skin, the PADOUK COSMETICS project needs to sample several sources of Padouk wood from Gabon, in order to determine the best sourcing and provenance. With the help of ATIBT, the aim is to establish an ethical plant extraction and a responsible supply chain in order to valorize the tropical forest of Gabon and wood waste (leaves, bark and chips) and to develop local employment with respect for the individual and nature on a moral, technical and economic level.