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478, Avenue des cocotiers
B.P. 394 – Douala

Phone: +237 699 681 421
Phone: +237 677 707 417

The PALLISCO and CIFM companies are based in Cameroon in the Littoral regions (head office in Bonanjo - Douala) and in the Eastern regions (Mindourou – Haut-Nyong department).

The main activities of PALLISCO are logging, and the sale of logs and processed timber products on local and international markets. More than 25 species are marketed in more than 30 countries. PALLISCO manage 7 concessions (FMU = Forest Management Unit) representing an area of 388,949 ha.

The main activity of CIFM is the processing of timber (first and second). It exclusively processes the logs coming from the concessions managed by PALLISCO.

PALLISCO and CIFM have been OLB-certified (Origin and Legality of Timber) and FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) by Bureau Veritas Cameroon since 2005 and 2008, respectively.