Cameroon: discover two videos made by our members in the villages bordering the Forest Management Units (FMUs)

Discover the social initiatives of our partners, Eticwood and Pallisco, through two videos filmed in the villages bordering the Forest Management Units (FMUs) operated by Pallisco in Cameroon. These videos were produced as part of the ASP Green Deal Cameroon project, funded by the European Union.


These videos highlight the involvement and commitment of Pallisco, an FSC-certified forestry company, to the surrounding local communities. You will discover the concrete actions implemented by Pallisco as part of its external social component, aimed at promoting the socio-economic development of local populations, with a focus on their support for income-generating activities.


Watch the film about Pallisco's social actions


Particular attention is paid to the village of Kongo, on the outskirts of Pallisco, which has seen particularly fruitful results thanks to the establishment of a zero deforestation cocoa chain. This chain, which is traceable and based on a quality approach, has made a significant contribution to the sustainable development of the village and surrounding producers, and is now ready to be scaled up to maximise its impact.


Discovering forest cocoa


Immerse yourself in these captivating videos to discover our members' concrete commitments to increasingly sustainable landscape management.