Agroforestry & Plantations Commission

Agroforestry is making a strong comeback in many forums and projects because of the advantages offered by this model. The ATIBT wanted to take hold of the subject as well. That is why since 2018, a group (initially informal) has emerged with the partners of the Cité du Développement Durable de Nogent sur Marne. This group became, in 2020, the Agroforestry & Plantations Commission of the ATIBT.

In order to maintain the forest potential, both in quantity and quality, it is increasingly essential, especially in some countries where demographic pressure is intense, to combine natural regeneration with silvicultural methods involving the planting of trees, giving priority to local species with high heritage value.

The general objective of the commission is to contribute to the evolution of the model of forest concessions in order to make the tropical rainforest a sustainable lever for the development of populations and territories.

Sub-objectives may be defined annually depending on the issues at hand, such as:

  • To reflect on partnerships between planters and foresters in order to provide an opportunity for diversification of income, ecologically acceptable and socially very positive in the agricultural series of forest concessions
  • Initiate reflections on innovative partnerships between companies
  • Share the experience acquired by a member
  • Reflect on innovative technical methods

The Commission meets at least twice a year, either in person or by teleconference.

Meetings on specific topics and according to the current events can be organized.

The French language is used for exchanges between members; English may be used from time to time according to needs.