The Training Commission

The Training Commission aims to create a network that facilitates exchanges regarding the supply and demand of training sessions.

The objectives of this Commission are:

  • To meet the general training needs of industrial actors (in the short and long term) related to the sector (production, processing, certification, development, sustainable management, markets, technical training such as felling, cutting, etc .).
  • To evaluate solutions for the establishment or enhancement of education systems in Africa that meet the needs of the timber sector (forestry and processing).
  • To centralize information related to training (training organisations, training schedules related to the sector, awareness of training projects)
  • To organize training sessions by ATIBT (binders, planning, etc .).

At the last Training Commission meeting in 2017, the AFD (Agence Française de Développement - French Development Agency) planned to continue its involvement in the PARAFE project as long as a feasibility study was carried out.

In partnership with RIFFEAC, ATIBT has been implementing since April 2020 the ADEFAC project, financed by AFD, a project in which the Training Commission will be involved.


Upcoming Events

These events need to be verified due to COVID-19.

27 February 2024

PEFC EUDR external webinar

06 March 2024 > 07 March 2024

International Conference on Preserving tropical forests through sustainable management (Kuching, Malaysia)

07 March 2024 > 08 March 2024

World Impact Summit - Bordeaux (France)