The forest & industry commission

The Forest & Industry Commission aims to reflect on the future of management plans, as well as to encourage better wood processing in producer countries.

Members were selected among representatives of African-based companies, from engineering firms and from professional associations members of ATIBT.

It strengthens the ties between ATIBT team and Central and West African loggers and industrial actors via the following objectives:

  • To defend the interests of Central and West African producers and processors of the forestry sector.
  • To support and inform ATIBT members based in Africa in order to maintain an innovative sector that is both respectful of international standards and economically viable.
  • To brainstorm with stakeholders in the field in order to actively contribute to international debates on the tropical forestry sector, and thus respond in a pragmatic way to the requirements advocated on the international scene in terms of sustainable forest management.
  • To federate the various stakeholders in producer countries in relation to the major issues of the tropical forestry sector, to participate in debates, to adopt and defend common positions by leading an «Africa» network that will conduct studies, share experiences, share investments and address technical issues.
  • To maintain ties between producer countries / consumer countries and promote the measures implemented in producer countries while contributing to improved visibility of the sector; (vi) To contribute to the discussions that may be held within the other Commissions.

For the year 2020, three key priorities have been decided:

  • (a) the renewal of forest management plans after a first rotation;
  • (b) the sustainability of forest management;
  • and (c) the CITES Convention. Given the physical distances between the Commission’s members, most exchanges are carried out via a mailing group.