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Alberto Saviolo

The purpose of SYNEFOR (SYndicat National des Employeurs pour la FOresterie Responsible (National Employers' Union for Responsible Forestry)  is to contribute to the sustainable and responsible development of the tropical forestry and timber sector, from the forest to the market, and more generally to carry out any other tasks entrusted to it in connection with its purpose.

SYNEFOR intends to participate in facilitating effective and innovative cooperation between all stakeholders concerned in order to develop and implement sustainable and responsible forest management and to participate in the long-term development of the economies of forest countries.

To this end, it contributes to providing stakeholders with all the information, training and technical and scientific support they need in all areas of the sector, with a view to ensuring the economic viability, social equity and conservation of forest ecosystems.

SYNEFOR's missions also include promoting the further processing of wood to add more value, improving conditions of access to world markets, and developing the market for legal and/or certified tropical wood products.