Zone Industrielle Magzi Bassa

Pierre Mancel
Guillaume Jammes
Tel. + 237 699967616

SEEF (Société d'Exploitation des Etablissements de Fombelle), a subsidiary of the French group F.JAMMES, is a logging and wood processing company established in Cameroon since 1994.
The company trades in logs and sawn timber for local and export sales.

SEEF is industrially equipped to provide 1st transformation products (wet cut wood), 2nd transformation (dried cut wood) and 3rd transformation (glued laminated timber, joists, etc.).

Since July 2017, SEEF has been operating FMU 10-062 through a subcontract approved by the Ministry of Forests and Fauna.

The company has strengthened the industrial processing capacities there by renovating the existing sawmill and adding a new sawing line as well as a recovery workshop.

As the F.JAMMES Group is very committed to certification, SEEF, which already holds the OLB certificate for its Douala processing site, has taken all the necessary steps to obtain, in October 2019, the OLB certificate for all the logging and processing operations carried out in FMU 10-062.

These various developments now enable SEEF to offer quality, eco-certified raw and manufactured products.