75 Ireng Place
Bel Air Park, Georgetown

STS is a small, fast-growing Guyanese company and a close partner of our Scottish-based member Gilmour&Aitken. STS is staffed by qualified Guyanese foresters who are involved throughout the supply chain, from harvesting to sawmill to export.

The company works closely with the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) through a network of business partnerships with community foresters throughout the country.

The company holds FSC™ Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood certification, as well as FSC™, Small and Low Intensity Managed Forests (SLIMF) certification, for its partners, all small forest owners and forest communities. This gives them the means to practice responsible forest management and provide a sustainable income.

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The company is interested in promoting Guyanese timber and lesser-known species on the market. The company is also keen to support the Fair and Precious brand through examples drawn from their experience.

Transition in the context of the EUDR is also important to the company.