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01 B.P. 6931 – Abidjan

Domenico GIOSTRA
Phone: (225) 21 36 01 60
Fax: (225) 21 36 08 85

Located in the industrial area of Koumassi (Abidjan) and employing 400 employees, Tranchivoire SA is an industrial company specialized in the exploitation, processing and marketing of wood. Founded in 1986, it has been in 2013 the first company in Côte d’Ivoire to be certified OLB (Origin and Legality of Wood), from logging to sales, through the factory chain of custody.

It processes around 45,000 m3 of logs (around 10 000 trees) per year from its yards, replants 60,000 trees each year, and produces 13,000 m3 of uncoiled veneer as well as 7,000 m3 of sawnwood annually. In terms of resource recovery, all wood residues are used as fuel for boilers.