Las Poncianas 333, Santa Genoveva,
Lurín, Lima

Ivo Bozovich Noriega
+51 989 022 328
+51 617 44 44

The Bozovich forestry company is a family business that has been in existence for over 70 years and three generations in the timber sector in Peru.

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The concession covers an area of 183,015 ha, all FSC-certified, where timber and Brazil nuts are harvested, and a REDD+ project is under way.

Peru's leading timber exporter, the company sells a range of fine tropical wood products to most markets around the world. The main products are:

  • Flooring (solid and machined)
  • Decks (solid and finger-jointed)
  • Rough sawn timber
  • Mouldings
  • Terrace tiles
  • Glulam
  • Worktops.

The company also has subsidiaries in Mexico and the United States, where products are marketed directly. All the companies are FSC CoC (Forest Stewardship Council Chain of Custody) certified.

The company is a member of ADEX (Association of Peruvian Exporters) and SIN (National Society of Industries).