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215 rue du Marais
97355 Macouria

Elodie Brunstein / Xavier Richard
+ 594 694 422113

Solicaz is an ecological engineering company specialized in the preservation and restoration of the natural capital of soils. The company is the result of close collaboration with research centres (INRA, CNRS, UMR Ecofog, AgroParistech).

Its know-how is based on the principles of biomimicry by developing services and products inspired by living organisms and by relying on the close interactions that develop between soil, plants and their environment to maintain ecosystem services.

With over 10 years of experience, we are able to adapt our expertise and advice to the environmental, geographical and social context and to the economic objectives of our clients.

Solicaz offers solutions and expertise aimed at different sectors of activity related to the exploitation of land and its resources, such as the agricultural and forestry sectors towards agro-environmental production, the mining and quarrying sector towards the ecological restoration of exploited areas and the production of virtuous biomass energy with high carbon storage efficiency.

Reforestation and agroforestry programs are being developed on the Guyana Plateau and the Caribbean with experiences in West Africa and the United Arab Emirates.

The website of this company is and Mrs. Elodie Brunstein is the president of this society.