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Le Chanasson
42110 – Épercieux St Paul

Sébastien VALOIS
Phone: +33 4 77 27 47 12
Fax: +33 4 77 27 04 75

Forézienne MFLS is a leading manufacturer of cutting tools for the timber industry. Founded in 1976 by Christian Sénégas, the company now employs a staff of 270, distributed across four production sites in France and one in Spain. Its core business is the manufacture of band saw blades and circular saw blades.

Over the years its products and services have evolved in order to meet the expectations of its clients. Thanks to its strong presence in the field, Forézienne provides its sawmill customers with comprehensive solutions to accompany them in the quest for performance of their tools. Today, its international presence allows it to be an active player in the timber industry.