B.P. 521
Port Gentil

Luciano PRADAL
Phone: +241 05183623

Corà Wood Gabon S.A. (CWG) is a joint-stock company subject to Gabonese law, a subsidiary of Italy’s Corà group and a leading distributor of timber products on the Italian and international markets.

CWG was created following the acquisition of the Gabon state’s former Compagnie Forestière du Gabon (Gabon Forestry Company - CFG) assets, whose main activities include logging (production of logs made of Okoumé and other various timber species), primary processing (production of sawn wood and veneers) and secondary processing: plywood production.

For this purpose, the company holds nearly 218,000 ha of forests under sustainable management that are TLV (Timber Legality Verification) certified and it owns an industrial centre located in Port Gentil that includes a sawing unit, a rotary cutting and a veneer and plywood manufacturing plant. For all of its activities in Gabon, it employs a staff over 700 employees, of which over 95% of them are nationals.