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The IED Group (Innovation Energie Développement) has been committed to providing sustainable electricity services in Africa and Asia for over 30 years.

Its IED Invest branch builds and develops small, decentralized, self-sufficient renewable energy power generation units in Sub-Saharan Africa and South-East Asia, where IED has been present for many years.

Since 2011, IED Invest has built and operated three biomass gasification power plants in Cambodia. The latest unit, started up in 2018, is equipped with 4 gasifiers valorizing wood residues, for a total power of 800kW. Every month, this plant injects 500MWh into the grid, and also produces 50 tonnes of charcoal briquettes marketed as an alternative fuel.

Building on its experience, IED Invest supplies robust, proven solutions for generating electricity from dry biomass (wood waste, rice husks, cashew nuts, etc.), in a power range from 100kW to 2MW. Gasification lowers electricity supply costs for agro-industrial sites, while improving the environmental impact of operations (green electricity production, reduced carbon emissions, biochar recovery, etc.).

The solution developed is particularly suited to sites isolated from the electricity grid, as a substitute for diesel-powered generators, the price of which is constantly rising. A 180 kW gasifier in continuous operation produces around 1,350 MWh per year, saving around 400,000 liters of diesel. The modularity of the technology means that several units can be installed in parallel to adapt to energy needs.

IED Invest not only designs, supplies and installs equipment, but also works with manufacturers to ensure the sustainability of operations through training, technical support based in Africa, availability of spare parts, etc.

The company became a member of ATIBT in order to get closer to players in the wood processing industry, raise awareness of gasification, better understand the needs of the sector and propose the most appropriate solutions.