ATIBT and Its Members

ATIBT provides professionals and the general public with a significant amount of institutional, technical and trade news on the major issues involving the tropical timber sector: the promotion of legality, sustainable forest management, improved industrial timber processing methods and the promotion of lesser known species.


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Members see ATIBT as the professional association for the tropical timber industry:

  • facilitator and supporter
  • tool for promotion, marketing and communication
  • benchmark of professional expertise
  • friendly association

ATIBT technical expertise and plurality of skills is enhanced by the diversity of its membership base: private forest sector companies, industrial and commercial actors, international and national institutions, States that have signed the ATIBT Convention, research institutes, professional and non-professional associations and suppliers of equipment, transit, transport and other services related to the timber industry.

ATIBT strength is its ability to bring together sector actors - whether upstream or downstream - to work on cross-sectional and key challenges for the future, such as legality issues and the sustainable management of forests.

Moreover, ATIBT has many certified members whose products are transported to places of distribution by carriers who also meet certification requirements.