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Vincent AURIAT
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As a public industrial and commercial establishment and since 1 January 2015, SNCF Réseau (SNCF Network) aggregates all of the departments in charge of railway infrastructures. As the single owner and manager of the network, it aggregates the previously dispersed expertise of the RFF (Réseau Ferré de France - French Railway Network), SNCF Infra and the DCF (Direction de la Circulation Ferroviaire - Railway Traffic Directorate).

As France’s second largest public investor, employing 52,000, and with a forecasted turnover of 6.4 billion in 2015, SNCF Réseau manages 30,000 km of lines, including 2,600 km high speed lines. SNCF Network produces its own crossing timbers, mainly in its Bretenoux Biars (Midi-Pyrénées region) industrial site, which is dedicated to creosote treatments and woodworking. The SNCF sites produce 379,694 wooden sleepers a year, of which 80% is oak and 20% is tropical timber. In addition, for switches, 100% of sleepers will be tropical timber.