The Scientific Council

The Scientific Council has a critical and independent opinion on ATIBT activities, while benefiting from the framework of the Association.

The Council may be consulted by ATIBT or it can call upon the Association to give an opinion on a scientific issue considered to be a priority for ATIBT.

The presence of external scientists from various backgrounds enable a neutral and independent diagnosis. The Scientific Council must be able to provide facts and evidence to support the work of the Commissions.

To this end, it feeds their work with the most relevant scientific publications in order to contribute to their work.

It also ensures that the result of research with implications in terms of forest management are made available to the public in the form of short notes, notably for the ATIBT website.

The Scientific Council consists of ATIBT members that are scientific organisations and non-member organisations, with a good balance between organisations from the North and the South.

In 2018, the Scientific Council responded to a request from Gabon’s UFIGA to define the term «forest» related to the Gabonese conditions. This official definition remains an important topic because it is linked to future «zero deforestation» initiatives.

Documents from the Scientific Council: