The Timber material & normalisation Commission

The Timber material & Normalisation Commission aims to create a network of experts to discuss collective developments and strategies to establish and react at the normative level.

The objectives of this commission are diverse:

  • To develop industrial products, while informing people of the role played by tropical timber, which is often competing with other materials such as aluminium and PVC.
  • To implement collective strategies.
  • To undertake normative actions.
  • To take action in both consumer and producer countries.

The Commission’s work was mainly focused on the revision of French decking standards, which have no equivalent at the European level and are often used as a reference point for this market (both in France and abroad).

This work was completed in December 2018, and published in January 2019. An international standard (ISO 38200 - Sustainable Forest Management / Chain of Custody) - was developed and published. Another international standard focusing on sustainable processes for timber and timber products will soon be developed.

Lastly, the C135 project (funded by the PPECF) made it possible to begin a comparative analysis of classification rules and their influence on material yields.

Logging companies are committed to applying the rules that offer the best material yields.