The Certification Commission

The Certification Commission consists of specialists in the fields of planning, sustainability and certification.

  • Support for certification (both sustainable and legal) via the PPECF and via joint action with the FLEGT IP project: the establishment of national points of contact, the implementation of a coaching process so that companies can achieve a specific level of compliance with certification requirements, and the improvement of the recognition of certification within the FLEGT VPAs;
  • Follow-up of the Gabonese President’s announcement that makes certification mandatory for forest concessions by 2022;
  • Support and monitoring of the FSC certification system:
    integration of ATIBT within the FSC Africa Chamber of Commerce, follow-up of motions 34 and 65;
  • Support and monitoring of the PAFC certification system:
    implementation of the Regional PAFC project (project under contract with the PPECF) to expand the certification offer in the Congo Basin.

The Certification Commission’s plans for 2019 include the writing of a roadmap and its list of members, the drawing of conclusions regarding the certification results outlined during the January 2019 Think Tank and improved collaboration with members in terms of certification issues.