FSC GA: ATIBT is engaging for Intact Forest Landscapes (IFLs)

ATIBT will be present at the FSC General Assembly to be held in Bali from 9 to 14 October, and will defend its motions for the conservation of IFLs.



The ATIBT works for more than 2 years in the preparation of the FSC General Assembly to find a successful outcome for the IFL protection of and to have an impact on the FSC system.
It will be a major topic of this event. Under the current rules (Motion 65/2014), many certificates in the tropics will be lost, and the certification of new areas will be impossible in many places. However, this will not prevent the exploitation of these forests, with fatal social, ecological, and economic consequences.

ATIBT (International Tropical Timber Technical Association), as representative of FSC certified companies the tropics and especially in Africa, has submitted several motions for the next FSC GA in Bali.

The most important is motion 23, which requests to look at IFLs protection at the landscape level, to protect the most valuable IFLs and HCV2 in the landscape, rather than focusing only on Forest Management Units. To this end, we ask for a comprehensive review process of the IFL rules with greater reliance on the National Standards Development Groups (SDGs).



By engaging SDGs to develop better protection for IFL, we want to:

  • consider all HCVs within the broader social, environmental and economic context in the landscape, not only the portion which is located in FSC-certified FMUs;
  • better engage and all relevant stakeholders included local communities and indigenous peoples in developing consensus based, landscape-wide approaches to comprehensive IFL conservation;
  • refine the identification of IFLs with ground (below-the-canopy) analyses and truthing of ecological and social values and recognise the varying degrees of 'intactness' of forests.

Together with you, we want to achieve the best possible contribution to protection of IFL across the entire landscape, without compromising FSC’s statutory commitment to environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable forest management.

We need you, please support us and vote for Motion 23/2020!