Carbon & Biodiversity Commission

The general objective of the ATIBT carbon commission is to strengthen the link, still weak today, between forest operators and carbon markets, but also, more recently, on biodiversity issues.

Carbon & Biodiversity CommissionPhoto WALE

Led by active members, the carbon commission is pursuing this goal through specific objectives:

  • Promote the understanding of carbon markets by ATIBT members, partners and stakeholders (forest operators in particular) through the dissemination of information and awareness-raising materials;
  • Promote intermediation between forest operators, ATIBT members and carbon actors, so that forest operators can take advantage of opportunities related to carbon markets;
  • Conduct a global reflection on the place of forest management in the carbon markets, and the technical considerations associated with carbon projects for forest operators.

The Commission meets 3 to 4 times a year, either physically in session or by videoconference.

Meetings on specific topics and according to current events may be organized in addition to the regular meetings of the commission.