Interholco present « Lobi, the art of writing the future »

Interholco unveiled last week a collection of pencils designed by artist Jean-Frédéric Fesseler using African timber from IFO certified forests.

Their name: "Lobi", which means "tomorrow", "future", in Lingala, the most widely used language in the Congo basin.

The pencils is available in three types of timber species from the Ngombé forest that Interholco responsibly manages in the northern Republic of Congo: bossé, kosipo, and kanda.

"I combine artistic woodwork with a stylistically pure design, to reveal the soul of the wood," emphasizes Jean-Frédérique Fesseler, whose work has led him to participate in numerous international exhibitions, including Beijing Design Week, ICFF New York (2018), and Salone Satellite in Milan (2019). His work has also been exhibited at the Mint Gallery in London (2019).

In addition to being designed with wood from FSC-certified forests, this pencil collection also carries a social project. A portion of the price of each Lobi pencil purchased will be donated to the school founded by Interholco in the village of Ngombé Carrefour in the Republic of Congo, and supported by UNICEF and the WFP.

Click here to read Interholco press release.