Presentation of the AFD EU FLEGT Program

In December 2021, the consortium formed by Eticwood and Nature+, both members of ATIBT, was selected for the Technical Coordination of the AFD EU FLEGT Program. Presentation of the Program.

Credits : AFD

This program focuses on eight priority countries (Cameroon, Congo, Ghana, Guyana, Honduras, Liberia, Central African Republic and Vietnam) and will last for a period of 4 years (2022-2025). The main objective of the Program is to contribute to sustainable forest management, with 3 sub-objectives: operationalization of the VPA, capacity building of civil society organizations, and support to the private sector in the implementation of the VPA. The Program is structured around three components: the institutional component (C1), the private sector and civil society (C2), and monitoring/evaluation (C3).

In order to implement this technical coordination, the consortium set up a team of experts, organized between Belgium for the project team, and the 3 continents concerned by the Program for the different focal points. The roles of the team members within the AFD EU FLEGT project were distributed as follows:

  • Jérôme LAPORTE - Eticwood Director: Project Coordinator
  • Julien PHILIPPART - Eticwood Deputy Director: Responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the Component 1 and the "private sector" component of the Component 2
  • Cécilia JULVE - Nature+ Director: In charge of the monitoring-evaluation of the " CSO/NGO " component of Component 2, in charge of communication and capitalization
  • Arthur CHANTRAIN – Eticwood Central Africa Manager: Focal point for Africa, based in Gabon
  • Uan LE CONG : Focal point for Vietnam, based in Hanoi
  • Elizabeth OSORIO : Focal point for Honduras and Guyana, based in Panama

The Eticwood/Nature+ consortium began its mission with a series of meetings with stakeholders from the different countries. The priorities of actions and the outline of the first projects should be finalized following the field visits and ratified during the next Steering Committee scheduled for mid-March.

In addition, a website and a quarterly newsletter will soon be available to communicate on the Program and disseminate the various calls for proposals that will be developed during this 4 years.