"Biochar for new forest concession model": how can wood waste from the timber industry in Central Africa be recycled?

The aim of the "Biochar for new forest concession model" project (contract C243) is to assess the feasibility of setting up a project to recover wood waste from primary wood processing companies in Central Africa, by pyrolysis conversion into biochar with energy production.

The main aim of the first interim report, published last May 2023, is to assess the technical feasibility of solutions combining biochar and energy production from sawmill waste for each partner company.

The report consists of three main parts:

  1. A description of the evolution of the project's objectives and activities in response to the request from partner forestry companies to include an "energy" aspect, not initially planned;
  2. A description of the technologies enabling the combined production of biochar and energy;
  3. The development of technical solutions for each of the partner companies.

As a reminder, this report is an interim report, and will be supplemented by a summary report assessing the economic feasibility of the solutions envisaged, the potential for carbon certification (on the biochar and Clean Development Mechanism methodologies - see section 2.2.3), the associated generation of carbon credits, and the methods for agronomic valorization of the biochar.

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