ATIBT joins the ETIC Board of Directors


In June, ETIC members, including ATIBT, gathered in Bucharest (Romania) for the association's General Meeting on June, 22. The aim of the association is to represent its members in the European timber industry (including tropical timber) in the fields of vocational training, defense and promotion of business rights, research and development, internationalization, quality as well as in the establishment and provision of a certification platform for the member entities, their members and their products.

ETIC's General Meeting in Bucharest (Romania) © ATIBT

As a reminder, ETIC – European Timber Industries Confederation – was created to represent and defend, internally and externally, the interests of the European Timber Industry – in all its processing stages and sub-sectors – the European Furniture and Accessories Industries and the European Cork Industry.

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ATIBT was represented by its president François van de Ven.

The Romanian Ministry of the Environment, Waters and Forests was very encouraging of ETIC's approach and in line with the need to support the timber industry. The meeting provided an opportunity to establish ETIC's activities on a European scale.

Members were able to take part in forest visits, and some were given the opportunity to make presentations.

The Annual General Meeting also ratified the nomination of Françoise van de Ven and Richard Vrand (EU-Timber) to the Board of Directors.

In the coming weeks, ETIC will be meeting the Chairman of the European Parliament's Environment Commission to discuss biodiversity issues, as well as the President of the Italian federation Confapi. The results of the European Commission's study on the Wood and Furniture Sector Social Dialogue representativeness are also due out shortly.

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We would also like to say that Patrizio Antonicoli, ETIC President, met, with Vincent Auriat, from SNCF and Chairman of the Sustainability and Biodiversity Working Team and Caroline DUHESME of ATIBT, Pascal Canfin, Member of the European Parliament, Chairman of the Environment Commission of the European Parliament to exchange views on Biodiversity related issues and present ETIC objectives and ambitions. The meeting outcome was extremely positive, Mr. Canfin is open to collaboration, now up to ETIC to provide robust inputs.

To be continued …