Guyana: European private sector representatives meet stakeholders from the Guyanese forestry and timber sector


Following the ratification of the FLEGT VPA, a delegation from Guyana was invited by the European Commission to organize the first Joint Monitoring and Review Committee for the implementation of the FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement.


The Guyana delegation, composed of both institutional and private sector representatives, visited Brussels at the end of June. On the afternoon of June 28, the delegation met with representatives of timber importing companies and European engineering firms.

The aim of the workshop was twofold: firstly, to inform European players about Guyana's timber products and the efforts made in terms of sustainable forest management; and secondly, to introduce Guyanese representatives to the expectations of European markets.

The presentation by Peter van der Hout (Form International) reviewed the origins of the FLEGT project in Guyana and the activities already carried out in recent years. Emmanuel Groutel (Wale) presented the situation of tropical timber markets in Europe, and how Guyana's products could find their place there, complemented by Sandra Razanamandranto (Preferred by Nature) who spoke about the new European regulation against deforestation. This subject raised many questions from Guyanese representatives, encouraging the ATIBT and its partners to continue their efforts to inform about this new regulation in order to reassure our members as much as possible.  Françoise van de Ven underlined ATIBT's unifying role in presenting the Association.

In addition, Stefan Meindhart (Wijma Hupkes) and Rupert Walker (Guyana Timber) gave a very practical feedback of their experience of working with a Guyanese sawmill, rising a lively discussion with the participants.

The meeting ended with a presentation by the Fair&Precious collective, which affirmed its commitment to promoting dialogue and joint action between the various players in the global timber industry to preserve tropical forests.

Presentations are available on request for ATIBT members.