BF Consult develops an ap for Reduced Impact Logging and Carbon (RIL-C) monitoring support

The ‘Assistant Numérique de Contrôle’ (ANC) is a mobile app (for smartphones and tablets) for Reduced Impact Logging and Carbon (RIL-C) monitoring support. The ANC provides a wide range of features intended to assist you on all monitoring levels: from implementation to follow-up, through full customization, and aiming for continuous improvement. The app was developed by BFConsult through the #Programme de Promotion d’Exploitation Forestière (PPECF) financed by KFW. A complete overview of the app will be held by videoconference on 25/05/2023 from 15H to 16H (UTC+2).


Combining flexibility…

The ANC is based on a comprehensive list of RIL-C control points, split through control forms specific to all logging operations. Default control points encompass the entirety of the logging process. Users are however able to define their own set of control points, in order to differentiate multiple teams operating on one or more logging sites, for example.

With the ANC, you remain in complete and autonomous control of your monitoring process, notably by being able to set personalized due-dates for your controls, among many other features!

* Select/deselect, edit or add as many control forms as you wish.

… user contribution…

The app allows you to create individualized access for each agent involved in your monitoring process (controllers, RIL-C manager, management staff). Users then have access to specifically assigned features, according to their role.

Users can also receive notifications for the realization of a control, even if it was taken care of by another user.


… and practicality!

The ANC is intended to be directly operational, in the field, even without an internet connection. Offline data can then be transferred to the server and/or other phones once the controller returns from the logging site.

The ANC’s digital control forms will also allow you to get rid of paper sheets. At any time, a periodic report can be automatically edited by the app: say bye to endless and messy archive research!

* Define evaluation methods for each control point, according to your own logging procedures.

All control data collected is synchronized, in real time, with the server.

* After controlling an operation, the app allows you to define, for each control point with an insufficient score, one or more corrective actions.

The ANC permanently stores all reports generated. A specific section also allows you to generate custom reports, depending on the reporting period and entities concerned.

* Scroll through a monthly control summary and generate custom reports.

Access to documentation

The ANC mainly targets logging companies of the Congo Basin. The app provides a documentary section gathering: detailed guidelines for sustainable management, legal documents related to national RIL measures, recommended logging practices.

* Search through, at any time, the operational and/or legal documentation associated with each operation.

The Assistant Numérique de Contrôle is available on both the Apple Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android)

For more information about how to open a user account, please contact BFConsult:

Find out more by watching the ‘Assistant Numérique de Contrôle’ teaser


Download the app now for free:

via the Google Play Store

via the App Store



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