Aux Arbres : ATIBT takes part in the 1st public awareness event for the forests


It’s a first! Last Friday and Saturday was organized by Maisons du Monde Foundation a public event around the preservation of forests, climate and biodiversity in Nantes.

During these two days, the visitors, adults and children, could :

  • take part in round tables bringing together primatologists, biologists, artists, foresters aournd the world, botanists, preservation NGOs, technological start-ups … on the role of forests and their virtues, their preservation and biodiversity, agroforestry.
  • participate in workshops on the role of forests, the construction of a nest box, the manufacture of natural cosmetics, vermicomposting or see the forest through the eyes of an animal …
  • discover the stands of various players in the protection and management of forests and trees and have many exciting exchanges
  • watch movies about the forest like « Once upon a time a forest » or « The intelligence of trees »
  • discover many books on trees in the bookstore area
  • attend a beautiful festive evening on Saturday, animated with a lot of communicative enthusiasm by Fabienne Morgaut, CSR director of Maisons du Monde and Director of the Maisons du Monde Foundation and leave with a light heart with a tree to plant






« Round table : « My zero deforestation purchases: how to consume and protect forests? « 

ATIBT was a speaker at this roundtable with Aurélien Sautière, Executive Director of FSC France, Emmanuelle Grundmann, author and primatologist, and Julie Marsaud, coordinator of the forest network of the NGO France Nature Environnement





List of other round tables:

  • The role of companies: traceability and certification at the heart of responsible consumption
  • Valorize the French forest, preserve its biodiversity
  • Amaze: a pedagogical means of arts and media to mobilize for the environment
  • Reconciling agriculture and forestry: the agroforestry model
  • Beyond conventional wisdom: understanding forests and the services they provide to better preserve them
  • The tree: the best ally of the climate
  • Citizens in action! New ways of involvment
  • The forest in the city, is it possible?
  • Reconciling trees and men
  • My natural health: healing the body and mind with trees
  • The connected forest: chips and drones to help trees


Thanks to Fabienne Morgaut and the Maisons du Monde Foundation for this great intergenerational citizen initiative, and for allowing us to raise awareness among visitors about the sustainable management of tropical forests, and the professions of forest managers in the Congo Basin, and to destroy some a priori well set in the minds … with a bonus passage of the great articulated wooden elephant of the machines of Nantes, very concerned by the subject!

(click on the image to see it move)

Learn more and read the press release of the launch (in French):

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