Interholco, member of ATIBT publishes sustainability report

Initiated in 2017, Interholco once again publishes its sustainability report and emphasizes that its economic system is based on a culture of social, ecological and economic alliance.

To relate to a forest, is to relate to a country and its inhabitants. To the people, with their culture. Their dreams and aspirations, as much as their shortcomings and concerns. Relationships never stop being a work in progress. Dealing with a forest is no exception. We can become more intelligent and wiser, and over time, more fertile, if we work with others to reinvent the way of our future.

In 2020, INTERHOLCO has a word for it : ALLIANCE. It is a theme that runs right through in its Sustainability Report. With a rainbow, stretching over the forest it manages in the Republic of Congo.

Connecting opposites that do not necessarily attract, the rainbow is a bridge across troubled water: climate change, pollution, fires, disease and resource depletion. Ushering a culture of ALLIANCE, INTERHOLCO looks to its customers, suppliers, NGOs, researchers, governments, the financial sector, local communities, etc. INTERHOLCO recognises that, if each remains apart, things will not change. But together, we are strong and can yield creative results.

Fruitful interactions, however unexpected, can ultimately be phenomenally successful, not only in terms of preservation of the natural forests and their wildlife, but also in terms of social participation, leading to fewer disparities. From suppliers who comply with standards and rules, in markets with fairer conditions, to green cities and a green economy, favouring a material that is natural, healthy, renewable, sustainable, traceable and with a positive carbon balance : 'Sustainable Hardwood Made in Africa".

The report in French can be found here « Une Culture d’Alliance pour sauvegarder les forêts d’Afrique »