The ATIBT welcomes the company Millet!

The Board of Directors of the ATIBT validated this company's application for membership.

MILLET is a family business with 1200 employees that has been designing, developing and manufacturing its own ranges of wood, PVC, aluminium and metal joinery for three generations.

A French manufacturer based in Poitou-Charentes, the company's objective is to contribute to the improvement of the home, while respecting the environment, throughout the life cycle of its products.

  • Multi-material doors and windows: Wood, PVC, Aluminium, Metal
  • Multi-specialist: entrance doors, patio doors, windows, sliding doors, roller shutters, etc.
  • 8 production sites (Western France - Reunion Island)
  • More than 200,000 windows and doors produced per year
  • Integrated logistics

©Millet - Versailles windows

The group has a very active and committed sustainable development policy (environmentally friendly design, selection of wood, lead-free PVC, chrome VI-free metal hardware, improvement of the working environment, reduction of environmental impact, etc.)

Millet's website is:

Some of the members of the ATIBT are familiar with this company, which has contributed intensively to our reflections and interactions with Solidéo over the last few months.