Welcome to SWP, which joins ATIBT!

A new member joins ATIBT: the company STOCKMANS WOOD PRODUCTS BVBA (SWP).

The company, based in Belgium, imports wood from West and Central Africa (Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon), such as Fraké, Sapelli, Doussié, Moabi, Ayous, and glulam. Managers travel very regularly to these countries.

The company does not market wood from Brazil and Asia, but certain European woods such as ash, for processing.

SWP Timber managers mainly work Ayous and Fraké, and are always looking for new types of wood (LKTS) to machine. This is the core of their business. The company works on facade cladding projects and large construction sites by taking advantage of its experience and technical knowledge.

SWP has warehouses in the port of Antwerp, and also has stocks in its own stores.