CIRAD is recruiting a tropical forest ecologist

The position, on a permanent basis, is to be filled as of April 3, 2023.

The world's second largest area of dense tropical rainforest is located in Central Africa. This major biodiversity reservoir and carbon sink extends from Cameroon to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It provides many ecosystem services, such as regulating exchange cycles between the land and the atmosphere, and helps ensure food safety for the local populations. Given the climate threats and population pressure expected at the end of the 21st century in Africa, protecting and sustainably managing these forests remains a challenge for decision makers.

Cirad's Forests and Societies (F&S) research unit, together with its partners, is conducting several research projects to ensure the conservation of natural forests in Central Africa by improving their use through the sustainable production of timber, fuel wood and non-timber forest products for the benefit of local populations. To contribute to this key topic, the unit is recruiting a forestry researcher with experience in the ecology of natural and anthropised tropical forests, particularly in Central Africa. You will work in close collaboration with colleagues in the F&S unit so as to contribute your expert knowledge as a forester and ecologist to multi-disciplinary teams (ecologist, modelling specialist, political scientist, economist, sociologist). You will contribute to the unit's partnership activities on Central African forests by participating in the R2FAC research network in the Dynafac team, and the pan-tropical network for monitoring forest dynamics.

You will initiate and contribute to the implementation and development of research and conservation-development projects in the region, with the following in particular:

  • Sustainable Land Use Project (PUDT) in the Republic of the Congo: identification of high conservation value forests in support of the other components (land use planning, agriculture and fuel wood) with a view to drafting the National Land Use Plan and Scheme
  • Research project on the definition and characterisation of forest degradation on the scale of Cameroon and Brazil: coordinating the activities and exchanges between stakeholders
  • North Congo Forest Landscape Project (PPFNC): monitoring the effect of logging on stand reconstitution and the effect of fires in the Marantaceae forest area
  • ANR DESSFOR project: identification of the ecological mechanisms underlying the dynamics of Marantaceae forests.

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