EKWATO: Risk analysis in the timber industry in real time

EKWATO, member of our association, is pleased to inform the ATIBT and its members of the launch of its latest innovation. A module entirely dedicated to the risk analysis of wood and by-products supply chains.

Among the problems regularly identified, the risk of omitting information to be taken into account, the administrative burden imposed by this exercise as well as the retention of the results of the risk assessment for a minimum period of 5 years are regularly cited. The innovative digital solution EKWATO makes it possible to respond to these challenges and many others.

The new EKWATO RISK module is an automated risk analysis solution that allows you to simply create a decision tree with the regulatory criteria associated with your own conditions. An analysis is automatically and instantly performed on each of your wood products and their components.

EKWATO RISK also allows you to make as many decision trees as desired, to simulate changes before making decisions (simulations, forecasts) for a pro-active approach to risk analysis.

With its monitoring system for reduction measures, alerts and dashboards, professionals manage and fully control the risk of each of their wood products.

This module, associated with those dedicated to the automated collection of documents (EKWATO COLLECT) and the secure document sharing interface (EKWATO SHARE), provides the assurance of a real-time update of the level of risk to both your suppliers and your wood products.

You optimize continuously and independently while reducing your risk and costs:  an effective tool for your purchasing policy for wood products and your Due Diligence System (DDS).

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EKWATO is a member of ATIBT, Fair & Precious and La Wood Tech.