EKWATO is growing!

Nicolas Pillet joins EKWATO as Director of Business and Innovation.

EKWATO, an innovative company specializing in risk management of timber and timber products supply chains founded by expert Vincent Pelé in 2018, continues its development.

Its offer based on a digital platform with 3 key modules and a set of associated services helps companies in the sector to comply, among other things, with the European Union timber regulation (EUTR) but also to estimate and manage risks on each of these supply chains, thus avoiding penalties and optimising the time dedicated to these missions.

Nicolas Pillet brings his experience with timber and timber products supply chains during his previous professional experiences: the British administration during the implementation of the regulation and the first series of investigations; the NGO sector where he participated in the deployment of the LegalSource services of NEPCon ; more recently with the private sector within the association Le Commerce du Bois where he was in charge of the management of the Monitoring Organization activity (for EUTR) and more particularly supporting companies in the implementation of an SDR; as well as technical knowledge focused on the regulatory obligations of the sector such as the EUTR.

Nicolas : « The digital solution offered by EKWATO makes it possible to respond to many internal challenges companies are facing on very concrete topics: first of all economic (time saving on the collection of documents and a risk analysis constently up-to-date), internal organisation (multi-user, multi-site tool, priority matrix, monitoring of risk mitigation measures), management (dashboards updated in real time for performance monitoring), pro-activity (alerts and simulation of the level of risks on new supply chains). »

Nicolas’ initial mission will be to ensure the commercial development of the innovative digital solution EKWATO in France and abroad.

If you would like more information or a demonstration of the EKWATO plateform, please do not hesitate to contact :,

EKWATO is a member of ATIBT, Fair & Precious and La Wood Tech.