ATIBT announces the death of Olindo Andrighetti

ATIBT transmits to his family and friends its most sincere condolences.

Olindo Andrighetti was born in 1928 in Piove di Sacco and died there this week at 93 years old.

He was a formidable hunter, prized wine producer but especially the glory of italian wood industry in the world. In fact he was the first entrepeneur travelling and investing in Ivory Coast in 1958 for his love in African species.

At only 30 years old was a real explorer at that age.

In 1977 funded his first on-site production called Trabex and since that time every distributor was proud to show his bundles of Bahia, Iroko, Framiré, Acajou and other woods branded “TBX”.

His passion brought the two daughters Ada and Nicoletta to the management team of Andrighetti Legnami S.p.a. in 1980 and his nephew Arrigo in 2015 .  In between the footprint of Mr. Olindo was followed by the familiars with new investments in Croatia (Vite D.o.o.) and still in Ivory Coast (ITS, NEFBA and BTA) reaching the Top Ten African processing Companies with 350.000 m3 logs per year.

All the business community will miss Mr. Olindo Andrighetti, a century man that contributed all these years to make wood a great and important industry and family.