ATIBT welcomes its new members!

Three new members joined the Association at the end of the year. We present them here.

F.Van de Ven Consulting

Françoise Van de Ven has devoted most of her professional life to the tropical wood sector, in Belgium, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (as Secretary General of the FIB), and in Gabon, where she assumed the role of General Delegate of the UFIGA. She knows perfectly well the stakes of our sector. She was previously involved with ATIBT through her role in UFIGA.


JMN Consultant

JMN Consultant, a consultancy firm created in 1993, has since dedicated itself to the fields of planning and sustainable development in Central Africa. Based mainly in Yaoundé, Cameroon, the firm is active throughout French-speaking Africa in 13 countries with branches in Burundi, DRC, Burkina Faso and Madagascar. The firm operates in the sectors of forestry and rural development, land use planning, the environment, conservation, industrial and commercial development, and institutional and organisational support for public and private actors. JMN Consultant is very familiar with the issues related to sustainable forest management in the Congo Basin, and many exchanges take place between this firm and the ATIBT.


CD Conseils

A wood engineer (ESB), Caroline Duhesme has nearly 20 years of professional experience in the logging and wood processing sector in tropical areas, particularly in the Congo Basin. After working in logging companies in Cameroon and Gabon, she managed the development of forest management certification and chain of custody in Africa and Asia. This allowed her to visit many companies in various contexts. As an independent consultant for the past 10 years, she has developed several activities: advice and coaching, compliance assessment, training, project management, advocacy and she has been able to expand her fields of expertise to forest governance, adaptation of the tropical forest-wood sector to the fight against climate change, valuation of environmental services, in relation with institutions, local communities and the private sector. Since 2017, Caroline Duhesme supports ATIBT for the implementation of projects and brings her expertise on certification and regulations, she is also secretary of the Certification Commission.