Differentiated evolution of the tropical timber trade in 2019 – COMMODAFRICA


The 16 March 2020 article on the COMMODAFRICA website shows that log imports into China have decreased and that sawn timber imports into the European Union are increasing for the second consecutive year.

ITTO points out that Africa, especially Cameroon, is one of Vietnam’s leading suppliers of round timber and sawn timber. This represents 873,761 m3 of roundwood from African countries, 56% of which comes from Cameroon, according to COMMODAFRICA. Concerning sawn timber, there has been a 50% increase in exports to Vietnam from Africa.

In 2019, imports of tropical logs into China will decline by 14% in m3. Imports come mainly from Papua New Guinea (36%), Solomon Islands (26%), Equatorial Guinea (7.2%) and the Republic of Congo (7.0%).

Imports of tropical wood products into the European Union amounted to 2.13 million tonnes.

Sawn timber imports from the following countries increased in 2019:

– Cameroon +10%.

– Brazil +23%.

– Gabon +5%.

– Congo +28%.

– Ghana +12%.

Sawn timber imports from the following countries decreased in 2019 :

– DR Congo -5%.

– Malaysia -25%

– Ivory Coast -8%

– Myanmar -24%  Find out more.