SPOTT 2021 Timber and Pulp Assessment highlights need for increased efforts in sustainable forest management


This year’s assessments saw 100 timber & pulp producers, processors and traders assessed against 176 environmental, social and governance (ESG) indicators. The full assessment results are available on ZSL website and you can also view a summary of the assessment results here.  

SPOTT  press release  focuses on the importance for companies to publicly commit to respect the rights of indigenous and local communities and to protect biodiversity. Companies should also be actively monitoring the social and environmental impact of operations on forests throughout their supply chains. 

The 2021 assessment results show that the tropical forestry sector has much more to do to improve the public disclosure of its policies and practices, with an average score of just 23.6% (a small increase from 2020’s average of 22.6%). However, 51 companies showed some progress in transparency and increased their score on average by 2.7 percentage points from 2020.