FauneFAC, the methodological and original toolbox for setting up photo-trap inventories in Central Africa


Funded by KFW and COMIFAC through the Programme de Promotion de l'Exploitation Certifiée des Forêts (PPECF) within the framework of the IPGF project (From Inventory to Wildlife Management Plan, development of tools to meet the requirements of the certification standards), the team of the Laboratory of Tropical Forestry of the Faculty of Gembloux (University of Liège, Belgium), led by Davy Fonteyn, is pleased to present the FauneFAC web site.

Credit : David Fonteyn

This open source methodological toolkit was designed so that anyone interested in camera traps (wildlife managers in concessions or protected areas, students, technicians, etc.) can efficiently use camera traps to survey the large terrestrial fauna of Central African forests. It is full of information, advice and practical sheets to help choose the right equipment, prepare the inventory according to the TEAM protocol recommendations, and assist in the processing and initial analysis of the data.

In addition, to help identify species, a large bank of videos is available to users.

Finally, a pedagogical document "Identifying morphologically similar or infrequent Central African mammal species on photographic traps"  is proposed as an additional identification aid.

We hope that this tool will contribute to a better estimation and management of the fauna in dense forest.