Guaranteeing the quality and funding of continuing vocational training in the forestry and wood industry


Since 2022, forestry and timber industry stakeholders from Cameroon, Gabon, Congo and the DRC have been meeting regularly within a Thematic Working Group for Continuing Vocational Training to build a sustainable management system for continuing vocational training.


In implementing its actions, the ADEFAC project plans to bring together the various stakeholders in the continuing vocational training systems in each of the project's target countries within a Thematic Working Group for Continuing Vocational Training (GTT-FPC).

The overall aim of the GTT-FPC is to facilitate closer links between the employment and training sectors, in order to ensure joint management of continuing training in the forestry-wood sector in Central Africa.

The GTT-FPC is made up of representatives of major companies, SMEs/craftsmen, training institutions in the forestry/wood industry and the relevant ministries.

The first GTT-FPC meetings, which took place in Cameroon, Congo, DRC and Gabon during quarter 4 of 2022, provided an opportunity to share key concepts in continuing vocational training, define the role of the GTT-FPC and discuss issues of quality labeling and sustainable training funding.

Virtual platforms have been set up by GTT-FPC members, enabling them to exchange ideas and pursue the dynamic of co-construction of a continuing vocational training system, outside meetings.

Two vocational training experts, Chantal RIEUX and Désiré NKOY, hired by the Oréade-Brèche and Egis-Forhom consortium, have carried out two studies to help the GTT-FPC set up sustainable management systems for continuing vocational training: a study to take stock of training quality labeling systems in the project's target countries and in France; and a study to take stock of the financing of continuing vocational training in these countries.

Since last month, the experts have been visiting each of the project's target countries to present the results of the studies to the members of the GTT-FPC and to discuss the system options that would be desirable and feasible in each country according to their context.  In Cameroon and Gabon, the GTT-FPC have already held a meeting with the technical support of Consultant Chantal RIEUX. In Congo and DRC, GTT-FPC meetings are planned with expert Désiré NKOY.

Looking ahead, the GTT-FPC plans to adopt an inclusive, long-term operating model that will enable forestry and timber industry players to benefit from short training modules tailored to their needs. A guarantee of quality through the implementation of a labelling system will be a key element in their success.

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