Closing of data collection on the Themis portal


ATIBT had launched on February 15, 2022 the 2021 Timber Market Survey. This collection ended on May 9, 2022.

The data is now being analyzed by the Probos Foundation and the results will be presented at the end of September 2022. We warmly thank all ATIBT members who have completed the Themis portal. Indeed, the growth of the responsible timber market is essential to encourage the adoption of sustainable forest management worldwide and to enhance the value of our wood products to decision-makers. Every company that buys timber (internationally or domestically) was asked to provide data on their 2021 timber purchases.

During this second year of the Themis portal, feedback was received on clarifications to be made in the translation of customs codes, the too high number of product groups to be filled in, etc.

As a reminder, the Themis data collection portal is a joint effort of timber trade associations and federations (LCB, ATIBT, and Fedustria) and organizations that promote sustainable forest management and responsible trade. Themis collects data on timber imports to assess, communicate, and help increase the supply of wood from sustainably managed forests.

A page dedicated to the Themis project is now available on the ATIBT website.

You will find :

- The link to the Themis portal

- A FAQ, regularly updated

- A demonstration link of the portal

- The resources of the different workshops and webinars organized on Themis (PowerPoint and minutes)

For more information, you can contact Josépha Coache at the following address: